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Teeth color fill

When we try to picture out a perfect smile, we instantly think about radiant and pearly white teeth.Your teeth are prone to staining and discolouration.

This is caused by a number of various factors like natural ageing, certain foodstuffs and beverages, habits such as smoking and alcohol drinking, and of course, improper oral hygiene.

Once your smile loses its innate radiance and splendour, other important aspects of your life can be affected as well. So before the worst happens, you should seek to restore and enhance the whiteness of your smile by getting an effective Teeth Whitening treatment from your reliable Bundoora Family Dentist.

Two Ways To Brighten Up Your Smile

In-office Teeth Whitening System – done at our dental clinic but only takes a minimum amount of time. The results can be seen in an instant.
Take Home Teeth Whitening System – a system that you can use at the comfort of your own homes. This composed of custom trays that hold a teeth whitening gel to give you a brighter smile.

The Tremendous Benefits Of Having Whiter Teeth

  • A more youthful appearance
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Makes it easier to create positive first impressions
  • More smiles, leading to a more positive disposition
  • Boosts your capacity to connect with others
  • Develops a better dental and oral health routine

Enjoy all the benefits of having a more radiant smile today by calling or booking an appointment online. At Bundoora Family Dental, your dental and oral wellness is our main priority.