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Dental Filling Melbourne

A dental filling is a restorative dental measure that helps restore the integrity and function of a missing tooth structure. Fillings are typically used to repair cavities and prevent further deterioration of the tooth that may otherwise result in complete tooth loss.

At Bundoora Family Dental Clinic, we’re proud to offer superior dental filling and teeth filing services for patients of all ages. We’ve developed a reputation for providing affordable dental care without compromising on quality, giving patients access to a comfortable environment that minimises the stress and anxiety many patients often feel when visiting a dental clinic. Whether you require a dental filling in Melbourne or other dental services, you can rely on us to meet your needs.

The Procedure

Our dental filling in Melbourne involves bonding fillings to the surface of your affected teeth. The fillings are then carved and polished into the desired shape. Depending on the type of material used, composite resin or amalgam, fillings can take up to 48 hours to properly set, which means patients may need to avoid using the affected tooth when eating in order to avoid complications that require additional professional care.

A tooth filling in Melbourne at our clinic can be completed in a single appointment, although it is important to remember that the results will not last forever. Good oral health habits need to be maintained every day at home and follow-up appointments should be scheduled every six months for professional assessment and evaluation.

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Medicare Bulk Billing

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule allows for up to $1000 basic dental treatment over a two year period for eligible 2-17 year olds.

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