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Minor Dental Surgery

Bundoora Family Dental Clinic offers various options for safe and efficient minor dental surgery within a peaceful and professional environment. All procedures are performed by highly-trained dentists using advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment. This helps ensure a less-invasive procedure, quicker recovery, and minimal downtime.

Our clinic is ideally situated to service the suburbs of Bundoora, Greensborough, Watsonia, Rosanna, Mill Park, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Macleod, Reservoir, Lalor, Mernda and South Morang.

What Can Be Treated?

Minor dental surgery covers a variety of procedures, including:

  • Wisdom teeth removal – Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t emerge from the gum in proper alignment, or will become trapped (or ‘impacted) within the gum as they are trying to emerge. This causes pain, swelling and infection of the gums, and can even lead to permanent damage of the teeth, gums and bone, making surgical removal necessary.
  • Dental implants – These are metal posts that are surgically anchored in the jawbone, acting as a stable frame for new artificial teeth to be securely attached to. This minor dental surgery may be required when a tooth is lost due to accident, trauma or infection, or as an alternative to dentures and bridges.
  • Root canals – A root canal may be necessary when a tooth is seriously infected or decayed. It involves removing the infected tooth pulp (and sometimes the nerve) and sealing off the tooth to prevent future problems.

To have one of our dentists assess your suitability for minor dental surgery, please contact us on (03) 9467 7433 or book an appointment online.

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Medicare Bulk Billing

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule allows for up to $1000 basic dental treatment over a two year period for eligible 2-17 year olds.

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